For customers who want the convenience of an integrated pin-in-plastic insert solution, Plastronics offers three contactor insert product lines. The pin insert is a fully assembled and tested, machined or molded plastic plate assembly, ready for stand-alone use or for insertion into universal socket housing.

Designed to specification for drop-in use, the inserts program is ideal for customers already taking advantage of Plastronics ES1 universal clamping set, for those using their own clamping mechanism, or for board-to-board interface applications.

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E-Series Contactor Insert 30mm - 45mm 0.50mm and 0.80mm
F-Series Contactor Insert 30mm - 45mm 1.00mm
G-Series Contactor Insert 45mm - 60mm 1.00mm

Custom Connectors

Plastronics custom connectors are ideal for customers who realize the value of the H-PinĀ® and want the convenience of in-house design and manufacturing for small numbers of custom connector solutions.

The combination of the H-Pin, a pure vertical stamped spring probe, along with our in-house machine shop provides reliable solutions for small-run production and pilot production support.

Our H-Pin custom connectors are best suited for a wide array of vertical connectors, fixtures and other custom applications.