LGA Sockets

Our reputation was built by solving the toughest challenges that burn-in socket customers face - the ability to get the right socket, for the lowest price, in the shortest amount of time.

We’ve taken our QFN expertise and combined it with the versatility and performance of the H-Pin® to leverage an LGA socket platform that serves the demanding requirements of today’s market.

Plastronics LGA sockets using the H-Pin provide a high-performance socket that is affordable for all burn-in operations. These LGA sockets meet the power, temperature and signal performance needs of the higher density, larger package outline, and sometimes mix-pitch LGA designs. The LGA platform serves package sizes from as small as 2.0mm X 2.0mm to the industry’s largest standard socket for 60.0mm X 60.0mm packages.

Click on an LGA socket product in the table below to learn more.


Open Top H-Pin® Socket RB 8.0mm X 8.0mm (max) 0.40mm – 0.80mm
Open Top H-Pin® Socket RA 12.0mm X 12.0mm (max) 0.40mm – 0.80mm
QH H-Pin® Socket 6.0mm X 6.0mm (max) 0.30mm - 1.00mm
C-Series H-Pin® Socket 12.0mm X 12.0mm (max) 0.30mm - 1.00mm
D-Series H-Pin® Socket 25.0mm X 25.0mm (max) 0.40mm - 1.0mm
N-Series H-Pin® Socket 4.0mm X 4.0mm (max) 0.30mm - 1.00mm
ES Micro H-Pin® Socket 20.0mm X 20.0mm (max) 0.40mm – 0.65mm
ESJ 15.0mm X 15.0mm –
31.0mm X 31.0mm
0.50mm - 1.0mm
ES1 27.0mm X 27.0mm –
45.0mm X 45.0mm
ES2 45.0mm X 45.0mm -
60.0mm X 60.00mm