For customers who make or integrate their own sockets or board interfaces and want the convenience of an integrated pin-in-plastic insert solution, Plastronics offers three contactor insert product lines. The pin insert is a fully assembled and tested, machined or molded plastic plate assembly, with the H-PinĀ® stamped spring probe pin inside; ready for stand-alone use or for insertion into universal socket bases.

This program serves burn-in socket and test contactor makers, custom socket integrators, and production support or equipment manufacturers with OEM applications.

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H033 Series H-Pin 0.40mm (min) 2.91mm - 3.81mm
H038 Series H-Pin 0.50mm (min) 2.95mm - 3.85mm
H057 Series H-Pin 0.70mm (min) 3.00mm - 3.80mm
H077 Series H-Pin 1.00mm (min) 4.45mm - 5.69mm