Q) How long has Plastronics been in business? 

A) Plastronics was founded by Wayne Pfaff in 1969. Burn-in socket production began in 1983. We’ve been 100% focused on socket innovations ever since.

Q) Is Plastronics a public company?

A) No. Plastronics is a private, family-owned business with global operations headquartered in Irving, Texas. Plastronics is managed today by David Pfaff.

Q) Where is Plastronics located?

A) Plastronics is a global company with its headquarters in Irving, Texas. Plastronics has design, manufacturing and tooling operations in Texas, a sales and application design center in Singapore, and a manufacturing facility in Japan.

Q) Does Plastronics have a catalog of its products?

A) Our products range from the very standard socket to the one-of-a-kind custom solution, making it difficult to keep a single reference guide updated and available. We do have individual data sheets and general capability notes printed for hand-out, as well as specifications, drawings and lab data available on our website.

Q) Why is there a separate website for the H-Pin?

A) Plastronics offers the H-Pin as a stand-alone product to give our customers the power of choice. Plastronics supplies socket components to many other socket and connector companies.

Q) Why do some mold tools take longer than others to deliver?

A) We quote varying delivery lead-times based on the amount of new tooling required to meet the application needs. Some of our standard sockets are on the shelf and ready for immediate delivery, but some sockets require design adjustments to best fit the specific application needs. We specialize in tool and mold design and run our own molding facility, so we’re able to make small adjustments in a few weeks. Major tool design can take much longer and depends on the complexity of the design.

Q) Where is your tool and mold facility?

A) The Plastronics tool and mold facility is located in Irving, Texas, and is managed by a master toolmaker. Having this in-house expertise allows us to manage work queues and delivery lead-time effectively.

Q) Why does Plastronics request package samples?

A) We ask for samples because we care. After 40-plus years we’ve learned a thing or two – semiconductor package sizes are ever-changing, pad sizes are getting smaller, and pin-counts are getting larger – some applications require us to measure and custom fit the socket to the package.

Q) How do I read a Plastronics part number?

A) Each of our product data sheets has an explanation of our part numbering system. The part number system is designed to help you understand the type of socket and features you are selecting.